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external menace have been playing againaround the UK – as singer welshy confirmed there will be a new 7” on some US label with old demo tracks recorded after their sadly never released live album – as well as recording new material for a yet to be confirmed label


walter from pisschord announced a limited pressing of the T-34 album “premium hardcore”, limited to just 39 copies in handmade covers, but he did not get it done in time for this newsletter – so we hope to have it featured in the next wholesale update – due to be sent out anytime between end of january and beginning of march of 2012. apparently walter damaged his back when playing a show with his band HIER KREPIERT (featuring former members of SMEAR and DRUG REVIVAL) and that might be the reason for his delay in getting the records over to us


AB from dorfpunkgang records just brought over 2 new records – one being some funny swiss electropunk from a now defunct band called TENDANCE CATALOGUE. the record is called “kein sex mit nazis” by the way. the other record is more crusty – it’s a band from the netherlands called SVARTA LAGOR with their album dark visions – in their ranks they have guy who once was the drummer for the STROHSÄCKE. Rumour has it that Auntie Epistrophy’s favourite local band DRUG REVIVAL will be doing a 7” for dorfpunkgang records later this year. same for SANITÄR, hannover’s answer to the mighty cotzbrocken and zzz hacker.


Speaking of SANITÄR – still available from lehrte’s very own label pisstrophy is the debut 7” by FRANZ WITTICH called Punk ist das geilste and the split 7” with AUDIO KOLLAPS and DESOLATION


Speaking of FRANZ WITTICH – it looks like their guitar player AK is devoting his skills to yet another band called EXILENT


For more hot news on epistrophy releases and local hannover punk & hardcore – please check out TANTE EPISTROPHY BLOG at http://www.epistrophy.net (sorry – only in german but we are planning to install another blog dedicated to our non german speaking readers)


please go for updates to http://www.epistrophy.net


pisstrophy releases distributed by epistrophy

piss 02 FRANZ WITTICH - Punk ist das Geilste 7" (colour vinyl)
(ex- Sanitär & Recharge thrashing out 3 tunes)

piss 03 AUDIO KOLLAPS / DESOLATION split 7" (black & colour vinyl)
(2 tracks by Audio Kollaps and 1 by Desolation - both with harsh punk-metal)

AUDIO KOLLAPS - Panzer 12" Vinyl LP (handnumbered incl. sticker) will be released on 24.09.2008 in four versions

black vinyl die hard edition with two transfer-print-plots EUR 15,00 ltd. to the first 80 copies
clear vinyl edition EUR 14,00 limited to 117 copies
red vinyl edition EUR 14,00 limited to 117 copies
blue vinyl edition EUR 14,00 limited to 117 copies

not including registered postage
airmail postage within europe: (EUR 8,00 for 1 LP, EUR 10,50 for up to 3 LP, EUR 19,50 for up to 6 LP
worldwide airmail postage (EUR 10,00 for 1 LP, EUR 14,00 for up to 3 LP)
worldwide surface postage (EUR 8.00 for 1 LP, EUR 10,00 for up to 3 LP, EUR 14 for up to 6 LP)

please send your preorder via email to info@epistrophy.de

the CD version of the new AUDIO KOLLAPS album Panzer will be released 2008-08-29 – including a little gimmick - for further details like price, preorders and morte info about the the ultralimited Die Hard Edition please take a look at our webblog at www.epistrophy.net or subscribe to our our regular newsletter on via our contact page – the LP version will be released by mid september and will come in different colours of vinyl – you can listen to the song “schuld” right now at www.myspace.com/audiokollaps

AUDIO KOLLAPS – new album Panzer (limited) LP / CD finally finished and off to the pressing plant in the weeks – we suggest to send a preorder to get a copy of the ultralimited die hard edition

lots of new records added to the online store

we have put a blog on the internet, please go to www.epistrophy.net

there are some GO! live videos to be found at

(Germany, 1991)

(ABC-No-Rio, NYC 2006)

Many new articles in the shop.

Audio Kollaps live in Italy:

07.03.08 - Rome - Bencivenga (+ Dirty Power Game)
08.03.08 - Modena - La Scintilla (+ Dirty Power Game)

RECHARGE: from the 3rd of December 2007 on EPI 041 RECHARGE – Bullenterror CD & DVD will be finally available: this retrospective package will contain the Silent Screams 12", 4 more unreleased songs from the Silent Screams recording sessions, the 6 songs from their split 7“s "Vaterland, Heimatland, Feindesland" and "Wasserwerferfahrer", as well as "Bullenterror" and "Alles wird Grau" (originally by Chaos Z) in ripping live versions, an alternative take of "Leben" as well as the so far unreleased songs "Talare des Blutes" and "Gefangenschaft"“ and RECHARGE’s great Crucifix Cover "Indochina" – all in all 26 songs in 52 minutes. the CD will be sold in a pack along with a DVD with some liverecordings from their japanese tour back in1996.

Here is the link to some short but funny RECHARGE live video-clip for "Millionen Menschen“, that was recorded by some unkown person and is not featured on the upcoming DVD that is an integral part of EPI 041 – in the background you can see the singer of Nagoya’s mighty S.D.S.: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=82rq7KEMfOc

RAUM EINS NULL EINS will be finally releasing their new CD album Heimat?! (EPI 044) around the 7th of december 2007 – only 50 copies in existence of the first edition, so hurry up!

NEURON will be playing two dates in northern germany in dcember 2007:

07.12.07 at KUZ Osterholz (supporting November 13th)
15.12.07 at Alte Meierei Kiel (supporting Vladimir Harkonnen)

available again from july 2nd, 2007 on:

EPI 007 GO! Existence CD

GO! – Existence CD (epi 007) US $ 6,00 to shops Existence was originally released in 1995, compiling GO!’s four 7”EPs (1989-1991) with some demo and comp tracks. This re-release has 48 songs, all but one from the original and adding a couple of extras.

Drawing their influences from likes of Negative Approach, Sick Of it All, Youth Of Today or STALAG 13, GO!'s distinctive lyrics dealt with social issues like gay and lesbian rights, racism, violence and equality for women, power and civilization and society in general - but in a positive (and often fun) way and without talking down to people. GO! are now being regarded now as the spearhead of modern day’s “thinking man’s hardcore” – but still always tongue in cheek – always to the point with their thrashing little hardcore ditties.

And now GO! is back! In 2006 they put out the "Reactive" 7"EP and CD, and new for 2007 is "What We Build Together"- just being held by customs, so almost here...

For more info on GO! and what the band and the songs are all about, visit http://www.designbymike.com/go

for fans of: i object, sick of it all, sfa and limpwrist and if anybody remembers them - mdc

also out now:

EPI 042 SAW THROAT Indestroy LP

“selling points”: members of DOOM and SORE THROAT involved, artwork by Steve Hutton, re-issued in a nicely put together gatefold and with guiding linernotes by Singer Rich Militia. sounds roughly like / “for fans of” AMEBIX, CORRUPTED, EARTH, SWANS & ST. VITUS or just SORE THROAT played on 17 r.p.m.

indestroy pt. II can be heard at: http://www.myspace.com/sawthroatindestroy

new releases from may on

SAW THROAT – indestroy LP (epi 042 / skuld 080)
just one song but incredibly heavy and painful

CAVE CANEM –  7“ (epi 045)
three songs in under 6 minutes

RECHARGE – bullenterror CD (epi 041) (LP a bit later) – 26 songs on the CD, the complete silent screams 12" and further unreleased material.

RAUM EINS NULL EINS – heimat?! (epi 044)CD – ten songs of german rock with a strange atmosphere and an exceptional voicing

GO! – existence CD (epi 007) (LP a bit later) – repress of the compilation album by the most outstanding NYHC outfit. electricity has been replaced by „pizza boy“ and this repress features 2 songs more than there were on the original 1995 release

AUDIO KOLLAPS will be recording the successor to „music for an extreme sick world“ in summer of 2007

we have added exciting new titles to our online-shop


there is new recordings by cave canem that are supposed to be put on a 7“ EP release


the online-Shop system is running properly again, thanks to our webmaster. means you can use our search-function again to find bands and their releases we are distributing. lots of new records have been added recently


from today on the cave canem cassette is available

the search- engine does not work to look for items in our online shop, just for info

if you are an e-bay buyer beware of a dealer going by the name of hartzivmichl, he’s some bastard epistrophy offspring, only more expensive


- new mailorder catalogue is online.


- a search function has been established.


- the ripcord discography LP # 3 is available now. it contains 2 old demos and the john peel sessions. we have some copies on white vinyl.



17.09.05 - Halberstadt - Zora Open Air


ANNEX5 live:

09.09. - Mainz - HDJ
10.09. - Offenburg - JUZ Kessel
17.09. - Halberstadt - Zora Open Air
08.10. - Neubrandenburg - Tabulos


- our office will be closed from 02.08.2005 -26.08.2005


- Bohren – Gore Motel 2xLP Box has now been released. orders will be fulfilled again from 27th of august 2005 on


- epidrome at the chez heinz on 2005-09-17 featuring raum 101, neuron and hinterlandt.


- the ripcord lp #3 suffers delay yet again
- a reissue of the legendary "indestroy" LP by saw throat is scheduled in  cooperation with skuld
- sören, the drummer for neuron, recently broke his fingers


available from february on: cd digipack version of the AUDIO KOLLAPS 'music from an..." with a total of 12 tracks.
available in march: third part of the RIPCORD vinyl discography


ACAO DIRETA - Tour 2004

(Germany and Netherlands dates with NEURON)
(U.K. dates with IN THE SHIT)

02.10.04 D - Dresden - AZ Conni
03.10.04. D - Leipzig - Zoro
04.10.04 D - Hammerstadt/Kommaerzbank
05.10.04 D - Chemnitz/Crasspub?
06.10.04 D - Berlin - Köpi
07.10.04 D - TBA - (Hannover I?)
08.10.04 D - Bremen - Grünstr.
09.10.04 D -Ahrensburg - Juki
10.10.04 D - Hamburg- Rondenbarg/Wagenplatz
11.10.04 D - Hannover II- Stumpf
12.10.04. D - Bielefeld - AJZ (+ KOYAANISQATSI)
13.10.04 D - Mülheim/Ruhr - AZ
14.10.04 D - Freiburg - KTS / KLEINES FESTIVAL
15.10.04. D - Offenburg - Kessel
16.10.04. D - Karlsruhe - Ex-Steffi
17.10.04 CH - Bregenz - Juz
18.10.04 D - Augsburg - Pro Vino

20.10.04 D - Osnabrück
21.10.04 NL - Hengelo - De Brouwerij Squat
22.10.04 NL - Utrecht - ACU - UTRECHT FESTIVAL
23.10.04. NL - Groningen

27.10.04 GB- London - The Swan (+ ACTIVE SLAUGHTER)
28.10.04. GB- Newport - TJS
29.10 .04 GB - Bristol - The Junction
30.10.04 GB - Boston - Indian Queen - IQ HARDCORE HALLOWEEN HOLOCAUST 8
31.10.04 GB - Bradford/1 In 12 Club

02.11.04 CH - (TBA)
03.11.04 CH - Luzern - Sentimattstrasse 7

04.11.04 I - Milano
05.11.04 I - Torino - El Paso
06.11.04 I - Modena - La Scintilla (+ LOS DOLARES)
07.11.04 I - Udine - CSA Udine

09.11.04 A - Wien - EKH
10.11.04 A - Graz/AJZ (+ I SPIT IN YOUR GRAVE)

11.11.04 D - Zwiesel oder Passau
12.11.04 D - München - Rülps
13.11.04 D - Giessen - AK 44



15.10.04 Waldkirchen - AZ Dorftrottel

16.10.04 Dresden - Pieschen "ROMA 16" (Robert-Matzke-Str.16)
22.10.04 Verden - JUZE
06.11.04 Hamburg - Störtebecker

as from Nov. 11th.2004, epistrophy presents new releases on the antiquated 12" format, this time from NEURON (very direct grindcore from kiel / germany), INFAUST (doom sludgemetal), RAUM 101 (handy german punkrock) and AUDIO KOLLAPS (german hardcore punk with death metal impact). in our webshop these 4 new 12"s will be offered in a special package. Due to these releases, AUDIO KOLLAPS INFAUST and RAUM 101 will be playing live at the stumpf in hanover on Nov. 10th 2004. in october ACAO DIRETA will be on tour in germany and will play at hannover´s stumpf on October 10th


... "reinfeiern"
an epistrophy label presentation at 10th September 2004 at the Stumpf (former Cafe International) in Hanover
with the local rock groups AUDIO KOLLAPS, RAUM 101 and INFAUST


current releases:

EPI 036 ACAO DIRETA Revolta, Repudio... LP 2004
EPI 034 VENDETTA Eisern Vendetta LP 2003
EPI 032 RIPCORD Discography Part 2 LP 2003
EPI 030 PATARENI Same CD 2002
EPI 031 RIPCORD Discography Part 1 LP 2002
EPI 029 AUDIO KOLLAPS Ultima Ratio LP / CD 2002
upcoming releases

EPI 035 INFAUST - 1999-2004 12" EP
EPI 037 NEURON - Gleichschritt 12" LP
EPI 038 AUDIO KOLLAPS - Music from an extreme sick world / Fick die USA
12" EP
EPI 039 RAUM 101 - same 12" EP
EPI 008 BOHREN & DER CLUB OF GORE - Gore Motel 2x 12" LP
and later:
EPI 034 RIPCORD - Discography # 3 12" LP (co-release with SKULD)
EPI 007 GO! - Existence - Musings on the need to be 12" LP
(compiling all the original 7"s of the best NYHC band ever)
EPI 004 ZYGOTE - A wind of knives 12" LP
EPI 040 RECHARGE - More Silent screams 12" LP


- we have updated our online shop and have included products like raw power, uro and andi petersens arme.
now we also have recharge t-shirts in all sizes (S-M-L-XL)

- release postponed til october 2003:

EPI 036 ACAO DIRETA Revolta/Repudio/Confronto/Resistencia LP
the bastard between R.D.P. und NYHC. metallic hardcore that rages, bites and scrapes. LP with gatefold cover.

05/03: the split 12"/CD with BONGZILLA and INFAUST is scheduled for september 2003 release

- AUDIO KOLLAPS will play at UJZ Korn on 05-24-2003 right after an anti right wing demonstration in hanover

- RIPCORD Discography Vol. 2 has been released